Core Network of a GSM System

Ever wondered how you get connected to the person you call from your cell phones ?

Probably yes.

Ever got to know what is going on in the back hand to enable the connection between you and the called person ?

Probably No.

See the following image ? This is what constitutes the core GSM Network. In Technical lingo, its known as Network Switching Subsystem. It is one of the 3 broader distinct classification of a GSM Architecture.

In short, this machine depicted here (known as MSC, or, Mobile Services Switching Centre.) takes care of connecting your call to the called party. (the person you called.)

This is what this blog is all about.

Okay. I am not giving you any user reviews of the latest smartphones that have been launched by Nokia, or BlackBerry, or Apple. Sorry. For that, there are already millions of sites vying to get your attention.

This blog is to make you aware of the process that goes in a network for every activity that you do. It would help you appreciate the finer nitty gritties of the complexities involved in a call/sms/data call.

Since this is my first post, I wouldn’t write any technical stuff that I am about to write in few days anyways.

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Rahul Jha
Telecommunication Engineer

Currently working as a Configuration Management Engineer with Nokia Siemens Networks @ New Delhi, India.

SC (Mobile Services Switching Centre) : Makes use of the distributed processing architecture !


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